Active Camo Products is proud to announce the opening of our custom built facility in Tomball, Texas. Our built to order facility will enable us to provide our loyal customers with new services and better performance which includes an indoor 100 yard tuning range. Please contact us at our new phone number 281-516-3537 for more information.

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About Active Camo Products..

Active Camo Products utilizes the same state-of-the-art hydro-film process used by major gun manufacturers to provide a factory quality finish that will stand up to nearly any type of environment. Your ACP camo will not only make your firearm blend perfectly with your surroundings, but it will also provide it with a super-durable finish that will protect it from rust and corrosion, adding years to the life of your gun.

Active Camo Products offers a wide range of camouflage patterns from Realtree® , Advantage® and Natural Gear™. Regardless of the area you’ll be hunting in, Active Camo has a finish that will match your environment. Active Camo is not just for firearms either. We also provide Active Camo finishes for archery equipment and a wide variety of hunting accessories.

We at Active Camo Products take pride in our quality and workmanship. We take the time to do every job right and nothing leaves our facility that we wouldn’t take personal pride in owning ourselves.

Our standard package for your rifle or shotgun is only $208. This includes the stock and foregrip, the receiver and the barrel. Often customers request that we camouflage any number of other parts as well. We will be more than happy to look at your gun, discuss the exact amount of camo work you want done, and provide you with a firm written price for the all the work you’d like done, along with an estimate for the time needed to complete the work.

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